September 15th, 2016

Featured in Le Monde

Today i had the privilege to be featured in Le Monde french newspaper with my fellow travel companions Tim and Iloé. We have been approached and followed during our last exploration by a journalist and photographer to share what it's all about with Urbex.

"illegal ride"

Photo credit : Paul Arnaud

Paris, France | May 2016

Loi Travail

Strikes are going stronger in France for the last 2 month, more and more citizens are concerned and doing relentless actions each week.

I created a new gallery that will focus on the global and official events and back my covering of the Nuit Debout movement, where everything started.

More informations about the strikes here and here.

Paris | April 20th, 2016

Urbex @ La Friche

Doing a short Q&A about urban exploration during Timothy Hannem new book signing at La Friche book store in Paris.

The complet crew is going to be there: Iloé, Tim, Antoine and Yxelle. More informations right here.

Paris, France

#NuitDebout #Paris

I'll be following the social movements around french governement ultra liberal new rules for workers.

The first demonstration took place in all major cities of France on march 9th, 2016. It gathered more than 500 000 people of all ages and classes. New, bigger events are being planned by students, workers and unions all over the country.

I covered the first event, in Paris, from Republique to Nation place, you can check the new gallery here.

Hashtags #loitravail #nuitdebout

January 20th, 2016


I'll be speaking about Ruins in contemporary photography at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris on January 28th 2016 (4:30PM)

Entrance is free, you can get the program of the day here and have more news on twitter.

Official website >

January 8th, 2016

Gunkanjima gallery update

Just updated the Gunkanjima gallery with new pictures taken in a 2013 trip there. At this time official visits where going on on the west border of the island. We did all the other parts, as a complement of the two first trips there.

Enjoy the visit !

Paris | August 15th 2014

Reboot !

Brand new website, faster and full responsive, coded by Bloutiouf and designed by myself.

Carlos Pardo photography

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